Boku books home page   Boku Books was launched in 2001 by long time printers, O’Brien & Whitaker of the West Coast Print Center. The now established line of Boku Books and Journals reflects the Print Center's refined aesthetic in book production, attention to detail, and deep commitment to the preservation of the environment.

For years, O’Brien & Whitaker had used the very best materials and processes in the production of books, many of which were destined for museums, galleries and libraries all over the world. The bound trim from these books was too lovely to be discarded and they began giving them to clients and friends to use as little notebooks. The response was so universally positive that O’Brien & Whitaker envisioned a product line based on this concept and Boku Books was born. The products appeal on many levels: beauty, simplicity, uniqueness, and a positive environmental statement that is unparalleled.

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